Thursday, September 13, 2012

Agent Training In Style of Call Center In India

Training agents is one of the most crucial ingredients for delivering enhanced customer satisfaction and we, at Call Center In India, understand this very well. We implement some of the most effective and globally tested training strategies to prepare our agents for the task ahead. Our training programs are systematically designed to train our agents in the best possible way so that they are able to deliver enhanced customer satisfaction. Our management team and the training department puts in a lot of effort and time to design and implement the training sessions.

Mentioned below are a few key features of our training program.

1. We provide training to our call center agents on the same technology which they would be using after the training program. We have been trying this methodology since a long time and it has always delivered great results. Moreover, agents feel very comfortable when they are transferred to the floor as they are already familiar with the technology and equipments present there.

2. Our managers, team leaders and supervisors always keep on reminding agents of what they need to say during calls. They try to stay on board with as many agents as possible and remind them of things that they need to say or had forgotten to say during the calls. This provides a kind of individual trainer or mentor to each agent.

3. The reports, statistics and call monitoring are of no use if they are not used properly. At our global delivery center, we provide our agents with some quality time during which we allow them to review their performance and provide them with proper feedback. This helps us to run an on-the-job training program. The agents are allowed to listen to some of their own calls which they made on that very day so that they can know what was wrong with it. As the memory of those calls is still fresh in their minds therefore they are able to easily connect with the theme and requirements of the calls.

This was just a glimpse of how we train our agents and make them capable of delivering best call center services India. We believe that our world class training program has been an important factor in making us one of the best outbound and inbound call centers in the BPO industry. If you like our training methodology or want to add some of your own suggestion, then please feel free to leave a comment below.